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The Codex - The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End

I’m getting REALLY close to finishing my final edits on my novel, The Secret of the Codex. I’ve posted a few excerpts on here (and have gotten some really great feedback from you; thanks!), but I wanted to give you a glimpse into my writing and editing the climax of the story.

First, a little background on me: I LOVE stories, so, consequently, I love *scripted* TV shows and movies. But here’s the weird part: when I watch a movie, I tend to fall asleep during every climax. Seriously – give me an action movie and I’ll start falling asleep as soon as the music crescendos and the protagonist and antagonist start punching each other. It’s inevitable.

I think I love the setup of the story so much – the backstory and character development – that once I get to the usually predictable climax, I’ve checked out. Doesn’t help that it’s usually past my bedtime…

Enter my book.

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The Secret of the Codex – Excerpt #4

Happy Thursday! This isn’t a day I normally post, but I thought I’d put the next excerpt up anyway. I know, I’m crazy!

In this excerpt, we get to see more of Grady and Kayla’s interactions, and some foreshadowing of things to come…plus, you know, a dark cave with mysterious markings and unexplained origins. Pretty much the best thing ever.

(Oh – and this one picks up where the last one left off.)


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The Secret of the Codex Excerpt #2 (from Chapter 8)

So here’s something I just edited today; enjoy!


Excerpt from Chapter 8, The Secret of the Codex by Melissa Frey


Just outside the Mercenaries’ Camp

Na-um still couldn’t believe it. Over the past few days he’d sent dozens of groups of soldiers into the surrounding forest. And every single man had returned with the same report: the Americans were gone. How could a group of four people elude them so completely? Na-um could accept one or two groups missing something, but by now he’d sent everyone he had – and not a single one had been able to track them down. Even Holun was still clueless.

Something was off; Na-um could feel it in the air. It was almost as if Destiny…no. He couldn’t admit that, even to himself. They were right in their quest, he and his men. The Secret could not be released upon the world. It was much too dangerous.

But somewhere, deep in the recesses of his mind, that small voice repeated, over and over again: What if something was helping those four Americans, something bigger than all of them? Wouldn’t that mean that their cause was just?

Not seeing another choice, Na-um returned all his men to their training. Let the Americans go now; he would catch them later on.

After all, he did know where they were going.

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